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GST Enrolment – Part 1: Creating Profile On GST Common Portal

Enrolment under GST means validating the data of existing taxpayers and filling up the required key fields. All existing taxpayers registered under any of the earlier Indirect Tax Acts will be transitioned to GST. Enrolment for GST will ensure smooth transition to GST regime. The data available with various tax authorities is incomplete and thus fresh enrolment has been planned. Also, this will ensure latest data is available in GST Database without any recourse to amendment process.

GST System portal has been created for this purpose as no paper based enrolment will be allowed. There is no deemed enrolment on GST system portal and therefore enrolment under GST for existing Taxpayer is inevitable. There is no fee for the enrolment with GST System Portal. The enrolment process is common for all taxpayers whether be a State VAT/CST taxpayer or be a Service Tax payer or Excise Duty payer.

There will be common registration, common return and common Challan for Central and State GST.

All existing taxpayers and VAT dealers will be given a provisional ID and a password by respective authorities.

All you need is to keep below details and documents handy for enrolling under GST:

  1. Provisional ID & password received from respective authorities,
  2. Email Address,
  3. Mobile Number,
  4. Proof of Constitution of Business (e.g. Certificate of Incorporation for Companies, Registered Partnership Firms, Limited Liability Partnership, Registered Trusts or Registered Societies etc. or any other deed or documents evidencing incorporation)
  5. Photographs of all Promoters/Partners/Directors/Karta in case of HUF,
  6. Proof evidencing appointment of Authorized Signatory,
  7. Photograph of Authorized Signatory &
  8. Bank statement containing Bank Account Number, Address of Branch & IFSC of Branch, Address of business place.

Lets now go through the enrolment process under GST:

Visit the page: and then Click the NEW USER LOGIN button.

Declaration page will follow. Read through the declaration and tick the checkbox and then press the ‘CONTINUE’ button.

Login page shall follow. Fill the Provisional ID and Password as given by the authorities to login.

New page will open wherein a email address and mobile phone number will be asked.

All future correspondences from the GST Common Portal will be sent on this registered email address and mobile number only.

You must have received two different OTPs, one in email and another on your mobile.

After filling up the OTPs, new page shall follow where you will be asked to create new user id and password for GST website.

On clicking ‘CONTINUE’ button, the security questions page is displayed. For each security question, enter the answers. There are five questions on this page. It is mandatory to enter answers to all the security questions. Be careful when answering the security questions. In case you forget your password, you will be required to answer these security questions to retrieve your password.

After following the procedure as mentioned above, you will find the message on your screen: “The message “Username and password have been successfully changed”. You can now login to the GST Common Portal using the username and password you just created.

We, The UnboxGST team, shall be helping you to complete the GST enrolment in our next article. Next Article realising soon. Keep following us on

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